BusySprinklers: A Hub of Business Solutions


“Dreams give rise to imagination, imagination give rise to idea, an idea brings innovation and finally the innovation brings the revolution”

The Face behind Busy Sprinklers:

” Randomness is the foundation of my creativity”

Hi Friends,

This is me, Krishna Vanzara.

Like most of my colleagues and friends I never had any concrete plans in my head. Nothing organized and no specific plans about my career or life but still what made me keep going was the fire in my belly to aspire high, to keep digging up each and every opportunity I get, till I discover my call.

An open- eye dreamer, who believes in go-get-achieve it.
A creative nerd who also loves writing, mentoring people and enhancing their conscience & potential and also if you often visit any startup, business or industrial exhibitions, events or seminars, chances are there that we once collide in any one of it, as I love being part of it.


My Journey till now: 


I am the most complicated girl who likes to explore every new things I come across. I believe that success is not an asset of some born-genius humans, but that comes to all who are willing to adapt the change, who doesn’t stagnate & flourish with the need of the hour.

It has been near about 3 years since I graduated back in 2014. From completing engineering (god knows what made me choose that) to going for my first core technical job then after admitting it to myself that technical is not my cup of tea, jumping into educational field (it was an awesome experience, as it helped me in developing my interpersonal skills, my confidence and many more) then again went on a voyage to find something new that dwelled me into customer services & acquisition management process (this was the best thing ever happened to me), from where I explored and promoted into social media marketing then digital marketing & lastly into business development.

And finally, after going through all the thick and thin(it’s just the beginning… I know) I am finally the CBDO now of my dad’s Company, Om Organisers, an industrial, commercial developer.

Along all this one thing that I found within myself, that helped me to find that accomplishment within myself that I was seeking, was that I have that knack to visualize, analyze all the tasks, things, product, people I come across & to create and come up with my own insights that I create through it.

Born of Busy Sprinklers:

And this made me come up with busy sprinklers, a blog dedicated to sprinkle my own ideas, insights, in-depth knowledge around the Business, startups, social media, digital marketing, management, lifestyle, How to’s and many more. Keep Exploring!