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We all are lockdown till 14th April 2020 due to the life threatening disease Corona Virus;  the quarantine time is difficult especially on our kids and that ends up in us finding the “Best Kids Activity” to do at home. As they are restricted to not go out, meet their friends, play in group etc. So channelising their energies is important to keep them engaged and also keep their home schooling mode on.

Here is the To-Do-List of the “Best Activities” that you can do with your kids during the week of quarantine time.

1. Seed Germination

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Seed Germination Activity in Kids.

Things you need (Things that are easily available at home) :

1 Glass Jar

Few Tissue Papers (If Tissue papers aren’t available, take any thin cloth like handkerchief)


Few seeds (Any of them: Black Eyed Pea, Green Grams or chickpea)


Give one piece of Tissue paper or cloth to your child and ask him/her to follow your actions, while you show them on how to fold it using another piece of tissue paper or cloth.

Once they fold 1-2 pieces of Tissue Paper/cloth ask them to start keeping them in the Glass Jar (Be careful as its glass jar!!! or instead use Plastic bag) starting at the edges and fill the gaps with some papers scramble down the jar.

Then ask kids to slowly add some water into the jar. Once the cloth/paper are dampened, ask kids to slowly press away seeds in the edges of jar (in a way  that the seeds are visible through the jar).

Once this process is done and while you are waiting to see some transition, you can use slate & pen or home board to explain kids the germination cycle.

After a week or so, you can ask your child to check on the growth of seed. Let the child explore how each seed has emerged. (If you want you can use 2-3 Jars with different seeds, so that kids explore how different seeds had variant forms while germinating).

This is one of the “best kids activity” to adapt eco-friendly habits, to make environment awareness etc in kids.

2. Messy Play

messy play, kids art & crafts, keeping kids busy

Have you ever seen kids getting fascinated about foam created by shampoo, soap or handwash!

Kids love anything that creates a lot of foam, so Daddy go and take out your shaving cream from Bathrooms, as this one is the another “best kids activity” to go for!

Take a big tray, while preschool kids maybe still unaware of the level of foam these shaving cream can make! You may start with making shapes, numbers or an alphabet and asking your kids to recognize. (If you have kids above 4 & below 10 yr, you can use tray for phonics blend & spellings)

Once done with it, let them be ready for some real mess. You can add some drops of food colour into it(Or water colour) . Try to add 2-3 different colours for the real fun to begin. Let your kids explore the messy sensory tray. This is the purest form of exploratory learning, that develops fine motor skills, as they are into free-play of moulding, squeezing & manipulating materials by themselves. With this, One can keep their kids busy good enough for 1-2 hours of busy messy play.

Once they are tired of free play, you can just spread it in even form on tray and let them draw whatever you ask for. For eg: You may ask S  /s/ (sound) Sun. Draw a Sun. (For primary schoolers, you can ask them to draw some some free form art or can ask them to trace some spellings that you ask)

3. Basic Life Skills

kids baking, life skills in kids, teaching life skills to kids

This is the best time for kids to explore life skills like cooking without fire, washing, cleaning, organising, doing the laundry etc. The basic necessity fulfilling life skills teach kids self awareness, problem solving, effective communication, decision making, creative thinking, Focus & Self Control. It helps them in inculcating values like compassion, kindness, resilience & learning contributing value.

The duo of father & child can start together with washing & drying up the clothes. If you have a preschooler and have more than 5 family members, you can ask the kid to segregate the clothes to whom it belongs. And if you have primary schoolers they will surely enjoy the squeezing the wet clothes and drying it and learning either to wash clothes by hands or how to wash clothes in washing machine (Warning: If you are letting the primary schoolers, know how to ON an Washing Machine, you also teach them that this should be done only under adults supervision).

The parent & Kids can also enjoy cooking together, cooking without fire is the best kids activity, either you can plan Sandwich or you may try your hands on making tortillas, frankies, chaats, salads or at last how about baking together the walnut cake? (Subject to availability of ingredients at home)

Life skills teaching is the best way a family can spend a great quality time together while your child explores the basic life-skills.

4. Designing Model together

Father daughter spending quality time
Quality time with kids

How about creating “best out of waste”, but this time with the twist. Go in voyage of finding in home things that may help you in building a 3D Model of things that your kids love.

For eg: Dinosaur world, An Ice Cream Shop, A Barbie Doll’s Wardrobe or how about Music experiments with the things available at home or in the kitchen.

Try to find from around the corners and edges things that can help you and your kid in making model. And also find alternatives for something that you can’t go out to buy, but all you and your child can do is “Jugaad” for creating the best kids activity.

So readers, would like to know how you all are making the most of your kids quarantine time! And what are the different “Best Kids Activity” that you are exploring.

Share your ideas in comments & let’s help other parents and kids to make this lockdown time, more productive for kids!

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