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Do I have a perfect work-life balance?

If you are asking yourself this question then you are going into a very wrong direction. As perfection is an illusionary thing, so you will always end up into complaints, guilt.

But to achieve ecstasy in your life, you need to set up certain parameter within your life that can help you in leading a successful life. Yes, a successful life, because if you are earning 6-7 digits figure, but if you are not able to take out the time to enjoy that luxury, commodities that you can afford then you are not that successful person.

“Balancing” holds a sacred space in our life, be it to keep a balance between your emotions & practicality, Your anger & politeness, your dark side & good side, what & when to speak & when to remain mum.

But today I would like to talk to you about work-life balance. As this is that balance that can open the door to your successful life leading you to achieve not only materialistic happiness but rejuvenate you from within, motivate & cherish you.

This work-life balance can be achieved, only when you take it seriously and set norms for yourself & also for your staff if you are an owner or manager of a Company.

So be it, we assume that you are a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, CEO, professional, employee, for each and every person work-life balance play a crucial role & should hold a serious concern in everyone’s life. Because we can achieve a proper work-life balance, only when our thoughts for that changes, only when we respect it.

Now before we jump onto how you can achieve this work-life balance, Let us tell you that why is this important.

Firstly because this will increase your productivity like hell. As you will feel revitalized and you won’t be in any dichotomy, so that will motivate you to complete your task with full concentration. As you know that you have your own private time to think on your personal life & things connected to it.

Secondly, your stress level will decrease as if you have some plan in your personal life, you would be able to go for it, if you have preplanned on your work-life balance.

Thirdly, you won’t ever run into a lack of motivation, feeling blank, or running off the situation as you know that this is what you wanted in life.

So now, as you know that how this will help you to achieve the dream life that you desired. Now let’s move ahead to reveal the secret of achieving it.

  • Live a pre- scheduled routine life

We all know about the importance of having a schedule & most of us also make it, but how many of us follow it? Only 5% of the people.

We know that this is hard to achieve, but if you make an effort to achieve it, though in starting it will be difficult for you, but soon that will become a routine to follow a scheduled routine life.

And to make this easy, rather than making a day to day schedule, make weekly schedule, as this has two benefits, one is that you won’t waste your time in making it again & again, second is as you have set it weekly, if you are not able to achieve it within first day, you still have other six days to fix up that, just remember but your procrastination debt should be covered up within the week only, be it of work or a dinner date with your family.

We know that life is uncertain, but if you have a pre-planning maybe you would be able to spare time for that sudden uncertain work that came on your head, or may be that anniversary party.

  • Do wake up early & have your morning routine

When you start early, you can have your own “me time” having your own space to self-analyze your life, soothe yourself is necessary. As that will create a positive impact in your life & your ability to manage your chores & to cherish your life will increase, making you happy within inside out.

Your “me-time” makes you mentally strong, giving you strength to understand, solve and manage your life problems with ease.

  • Do keep alive one of your hobby

We all do have some kind of hobbies in our life, or maybe an inclination towards some activities or a dream. Be it playing guitar, composing poetries, painting, craft work, reading books, photography, sports, travelling or maybe like me just trying out to cook fusion recipes.

If you know what it is then good enough, but if you are not sure then you can make a list of what you like doing or what you wished to learn or do that you haven’t yet explored. No matter if it is learning how to play guitar or how to swim and then go for one.

Because of your busy schedule maybe you are not able to take out time for your hobbies, but it is very important to keep alive at least one of your hobbies or figure out one & go for it. As that will make your life more meaningful because what’s the meaning of working & earning so hard, if your earnings can’t buy a single happiness for yourself.

  • Change your thought on your work

Many a times we are not that busy as we make ourselves feel, we are not that occupied or we don’t have that much workload that we pretend to be, that we can’t handle out.

So if waking up is quite depressing for you, thinking of office turns your mood off, your work-life sucks then you need to figure out the main reason behind that. In most of the cases it is not your work, but it’s your thoughts on your work, if you don’t change your thoughts on work, no matter how much job hopping you do(if you are an employee) or take up some new project(if you are an entrepreneur ), you won’t find solace in any of your work.

So first create an interest in your work and that will come only when you have your vision clear behind your work, and then to you set your goals keeping your mission and vision in mind.

So today itself, start thinking that it’s not your work, but it’s you that have made it so boredom, make a list of work that you have in your hands and remind yourself why this work is important for your company and you & why you should complete it, create a proper timeline for your work & try to complete your work within that time frame.

While I was working for the first time, within a month, I started feeling that it sucks, but I didn’t have any option. So as situation was not under my control, I changed my thoughts.

And I realized it was my thoughts that were the barrier in my work-life. Because I was just doing work like a horse without taking interest in knowing the details about the project, without owing my own work.

Once I started considering that company as mine, there vision, goals and mission made more sense to me and then it became fun to work, as now I wasn’t just working like a process, but I knew the reason behind each of my task and that helped me in enhancing my ability & creativity, and I was able to come up with new idea for the growth of my company.

               “ Your growth is reciprocal to the company’s growth”

And after doing all this still you are not happy then you are at wrong place.

  • Keep a good space between office & home

If you are a procrastinator still never procrastinate any work for home. If you are an employee or an entrepreneur, set your fixed times for work, be it being startup if you require more time, set out 12hours for work, but as soon as your 13th hour starts you should come out of your work zone, physically as well as mentally, same applies for staff members.

As only work, no play makes jack a dull boy, so don’t take your home time lightly, as you need that badly.

  • No-technology zone

Many of us have habit to hold our mobile phones as soon as we wake up and then remaining with it till we go asleep at night.

If we don’t find our laptops, mobile phones, tabs at right time, we get restless. Though we don’t have any important work to do with these tech machines sometimes, still we have become so habituated, that we will just scroll our smartphones in vain but won’t keep it aside.

All these signs your addiction towards your smartphone, it makes you slave of your smartphones and laptops. So before it ruins your life space, take control in your hands and stop breathing your tech machines.

Avoid using your tech machines as soon as you wake up. Set a rule to keep away your smartphones & other tech machines for at least 2 hours after you wake up and before you sleep.

Also once within 10 days you should practice No- technology zone day. On that day you should completely avoid using any smartphones, tabs, computers, laptops(and this becomes necessary if your work demands to work on computers & laptops for a long hours daily leading you to a sedentary life ). As this will help you to soothe your eyes, mind & body.

Whichever day you decide to practice this, just inform the people who are important to you, who make a frequent call to you for work and your friends. And only for emergency calls, give them an alternate number.

So what are you waiting for, take in charge of your life and your work, by working upon your time management, processing your thought process, setting out some rules & discipline that will eventually be fruitful in leading a content & happy life.

And also do tell me in comments what other things you do or follow to balance your work-life balance and when did you took up that and how that changed your life?










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