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I have always come up with startup-stories from across India,   but when it came to my own city, I found myself in lack of networks and so when I got a chance to pick a topic for college project, I took it as startup from Vadodara. As I knew for busy sprinklers, I won’t ever leave my comfort zone & walk up to miles for finding stories. So after going through many promising startup stories, I ended up with meeting Mr. Ankit Patel & Mr. Sanket Kale, minds behind Sooperpop, an AR based unique app. (Thanks to my friend Mr. Khush Brahmbhatt, Cofounder of Startup India Initiative to make me contact them)

Normally I go after doing my homework on the startups, for whom I am writing. But this startup was connected to Augmented Reality, what I hardly was able to understand before the interview. So just went with blank head. (And that was the best thing, as I didn’t had to go with the unlearn & relearn process)

” With love from India a mixed reality portal-SooperpoP!”

Ankit Patel and Sanket Kale are the Co-founders of Trium Designs Private Limited which was founded in July 2015 and they developed together this amazing world’s first AR-VR Media portal called Sooperpop. Unlike the virtual reality where it is completely virtual and we feel like part of the virtual world, in augmented reality, there is augmentation of the real world and the virtual world, it is like augmenting the 3D object in the reality, with the environment behind you.

For a simplistic and direct understanding, they told that it is like YouTube for a common person, the difference is in the baseline media content, unlike the YouTube video where you see the story, picture, and cartoon as a simple MP4 format file in 2D, here at SooperpoP, every media content is a 3D animated content and is played around you in AR and VR. Here the AR objects are in front of you, behind you, on your right and left; I mean every direction possible. Now here it is also possible to place these 3D augmented objects at a specific geo location and you would only be able to see that content when you are at that particular place (geo location). For example, if there is a 3D content with Dinosaurs and dragons flying around and it is placed at the city’s zoo, then you will have to go to the zoo and turn on the app and you will now see dinosaurs and dragons in the zoo. The app plays the 3D content with respect to your device’s GPS location and it works on exact coordinates and exact directions.

Sooperpop allows people to share the content of their own on every social media, so you create the content in AR, which can be 3D models of anything and everything like car, building, machines etc. Here creativity in 3D is the limit. Mr. Ankit Patel highlighted its use in manufacturing industries where before the things go for productions, their 3D models are prepared first. This 3D models are used as designs for manufacturing process and at last making promotional videos, but after the project gets completed, that 3D model is of hardly any use, but not anymore, as now with SooperpoP they can be put to work too, as now you can pop these 3D models in front of people to give them better understanding of the product. One can pop a car right in front of their potential customers away from showrooms. When you are playing it, everything is calculated and displayed at real time. The magic of the background perspective view of the 3D objects in the app is something unique as the visual effect that AR creates will be different in the closed rooms & open sky.

With this technology we can experience the reality in a different way, as one moment you can put yourself in vein and observe blood cells and other blood components floating around you and just imagine at the very next moment you are 100 meters down the ocean and whales are floating around you. A totally new way of entertainment and conceptualization.

“This will change the way people educate themselves, as how about understanding  the workings of heavy engines right in front of you. Also with the help of SooperpoP projecting buildings, bridges, and industries according to GPS location gives you an idea of how it would look once it is constructed.”

Now SooperpoP can be used to create Business Campaigns too, and as the app, the campaigns too are not ordinary ones. The campaigns can be created in a kind of a game for the users where a person can play by popping the bubbles(pops) that he sees around him in the app and win a free product or service that is mentioned in the campaign. This is fun and in turn promotes the businesses more interactively. It can also be used to create greetings & best wishes soopersimulation (soopersims) pertaining to the celebrations or seasonal festivals. And yes, there is an option to record too, which can be shared as video across all the social media platforms, making it helpful to make educational, marketing, entertainment etc. videos for platforms like YouTube & and other social media.

Recently they had created an augmented skit called “Bhagatsinh ka Uday” using SooperpoP (which in itself is a geo-location based mixed reality technology) in association with National Youth Conference held at Vadodara called Yugaantar 2018. Also they promoted safe Makarsankranti by coming up with Rising kites, Magic Fireworks, Crazy lanterns videos that were giving the real effects in the open sky i.e. best use of technology.

SooperpoP can also be used for navigation of business location, it has a land marker (GPS marker) for location, if you click on that it will show you the exact location of the place, if it is shop then its opening & closing time would also be displayed. If we talk about google map, it has its own limitations like you reach the area of your destination, but after reaching the area if you are not finding the exact house no. or Shop, google map still will show you are at your destination, but in SooperpoP you are able to see the marker till you reach the exact shop or house no.

SooperpoP have created a beautiful platform by creating environment for the people who want to show their creativity in 3D or brand their products, but are using only the traditional method for marketing or to reach the users. Every creator or business should once go for this, where they can just upload the creativity (marketing stuff) using Soopersims.

So let me tell you the romantic story of how Sooperpop came into existence and how these adorable partners met each other to create it.


Sanket met Ankit 4 years ago, Sanket used to go to one of the gym while he was in college, the Gym had two branches, the gym where Sanket used to go, went on fire one day because of that he was temporarily shifted to other branch, though it was far away from his place but still he began visiting it hesitatingly, but soon that far away gym became normal, as there he met Mr. Ankit Patel and both had a common gym trainer so while working out they used to have conversation on ideations, Sanket used to hear Ankit’s ideas carefully and as soon as they figured out how they can direct their like-mindedness, both started meeting frequently towards developing the ideas (destiny you know!).

Talking about Ankit, he had returned back from UK in 2009, he did his diploma into retail management and was into retail Management Job, while working for many companies he found a big void in data, which if would have been available, it would have ease out the marketing & sales, frustrated by the monotonous Job he left it and wanted to do something innovative. Ankit with that fire in his belly to do something, started a real estate property portal but it didn’t work as planned.

Soon android become common in India and like all, even Ankit had his first android in hand then. So the destiny goes like Ankit went to Vadodara Central Mall with one of his friend for shopping for Ankit’s friend’s girlfriend. He made Ankit stand like a hanger with 3-4 clothes to click the picture and send it to his girlfriend, this thing frustrated Ankit and an idea clicked in his mind to create an app for its solution, an app where you can take pictures of any shopping, share it with your friend from whom you expect a quick opinion choice and go for it, with this pickone came into the startup womb. It was the application that they initially started off with in 2015, but Ankit & Sanket were not that happy with the user interface of this app, so they again analyzed it and kept updating it according to the flow, later “pickone”  changed into “sizebooth” that also compared apparels size with the customers size , while developing this product and bringing a solution for it, the birth of SooperpoP took place, SooperpoP was supposed to be a small subset and feature of sizebooth, but they realized the potential of AR and instead of making any add on feature started developing an absolutely new product called SooperpoP and dedicated their all-time to it. But they won’t do injustice to “sizebooth”, a product repository app and would soon develop this completely and launch it as their next project.

While Sanket used to do job in day time, other time he used to utilize for developing Sooperpop. They used to discuss programming, conceptualizing everything on call as Sanket was in Mumbai working for Tech Mahindra. Initially they had a team, but startup requires a lot of patience and the team when got better opportunities used to leave them, as at that time they also didn’t had a proper office or a particular working hours, as Sanket was available only after his job working hours, so at night he used to have conversation with team & team used to get tired working at night so after that they decided to leave the home and started working at Ankit’s Friend’s Café   located at Mujmahuda,  Sanket used to come in weekends as he was doing job at Mumbai. Two years back they got seed funding via an NRI investor and got a small office for their working, Sanket then left the Job and dedicated his all time to Sooperpop and now they do have a new diligent team too, It took them 1.5 years to develop this product.

“Sanket calls Ankit as an ocean of ideas flowing around and he is a container, who tries to filter it and make it the reality.”

Ankit says, ”I know 3 basic languages, but Sanket knows the basic languages plus he knows the computer languages. He can talk to computers, but I can’t. So whatever my ideas are he conveys that to Mr. Computer. Without Sanket, converting my ideas into reality won’t have been possible and our partnership is like business matrimony, where no matter how much heated arguments we have regarding the ideas & their execution or failure, but we are together. ”

They believe that if they wouldn’t have been patient enough, they might have gave up and sold it out to someone else, as a lot of things happened and that kind of tend to challenge your decision, so that’s where the mental part comes, it is how you understand the situation, analyze it and how you decide at that moment and that will lead you to the success path.

Ankit & Sanket when initially started working on this idea; they were disappointed with the stereotypes & short mindedness of the people.

People used to advise them to leave Vadodara and go to any metro cities like Bangalore, Pune as you would be able to execute this idea well over there and it won’t work over here. But Ankit was firm on not leaving the city. They wanted to ask the people, that what is there not in the city, for what they should leave there own place. Why does everyone expect extraordinary things from the metro people, in fact even in metro cities numerous innovative startups belongs to the people who migrated from the small cities, so it’s not the city, it’s the mind that matters. If that numerous people wouldn’t have migrated there, the startup would have belonged to the small city. With this inclination they had started Sooperpop in Vadodara itself.

Talking about the incubation center & coworking space that now a day, young potential startups get, they told us that, when we started there was no coworking space, we used to work from a small café that belonged to our friend. The coworking space that is now available in the society, they are happy about that. But still they find loopholes in that, like there are no private sections available to an individual in coworking space, no privacy, because of which the person has to wrap his belongings every day and again setup the other day. So still coworking space needs to work on availing that at a price what a startup can afford.

While for the incubation centre, it came to their surprise that where they are working like anything at any place to bring out their project working, there are budding startups who are getting luxurious offices, mentoring spooonfeed etc. They feel that how can a person who is over-pampered so much, can take all that hardship that takes, to make a business successfully running.

Presently, they have 1100 active users. Sooperpop is still updating their application and is looking forward to meet new investors and raise funds for marketing, sales and staff hiring. Busy Sprinklers wish them all the best.


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