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We spend so much of time online scrolling down Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We even don’t realise sometimes that once if we minutely observe our daily routine, from 24 hours, approximately 7-9 hours a day we are sitting without any purpose or forgetting the purpose why you came online a minute before( according to survey on my surrounding people). But rather than fighting with yourself on why am I online posting any random stuff? Or How to get rid away of it? What if you give a new direction to your habits and utilise your same time by strategically spending your period for making money online.

It’s not all about making money but more about utilising your time in a fruitful way and earn few bucks for the same. If you are a student, or a 9am to 6pm Job employee, making money online can be the additional financial aid for you and if you are dedicatedly working for it and enjoying it at the same time then you can establish a new venture of itself.

So here are the top 10 best ways to make Money Online

  • Blogging

Blog is a platform that gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, your opinions, your perception, message to numerous audience. But to be a blogger you need that passion to be heard (yes you read that right) and not to write. If you have that passion to make your voice, your message, your opinion to reach some particular audience and make a difference then you don’t need any writing skills, it will automatically come to you.

But does Blogging helps in earning Money Online?

Yes if you take blogging seriously then it has a broader spectrum of not only being a medium of Message but a business hub within itself. But before you ask how to earn? The one thing you blindly need to pursue is creating content and posting it on regular basis. Doing even this much is your first step towards making your blogging site potential for earning.

After this, getting google ad sense: a way to earn by displaying ads on your blog would get easy. As consistently updating your content and sharing it on right platforms can give you a loyal audience and also you can use SEO, SMO, Back linking, guest blogging tactics to grow viewers on your website then eventually you can use Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing for growing your website in monetary form too.

  • E-book

E-book is a tool that can be used for multipurpose. The best usage of E-book you can do is to give it as a freebie in return of the mail IDs. But if you are planning to directly earn via E-book then Amazon Kindle: Self-Publishing tool is the best. Where you have freedom to choose at what price you want to sell your E-Book and you can get 70% of Royalty on same. Isn’t that awesome and seems like walking on Cake? But it isn’t, as you require to take E-book making as a serious job, you need to figure out what are the readers demand? As it is rightly said “That Content are rich which are according to the demand of Readers”. The frequency of your data supply should match with the demand of audience sitting on another side of the screen. So while making your ebook make sure that if it is fictional then it is captivating enough to engross your audience till the end, while if non-fictional then it is having right and enough information that the right audience are looking for.

  • Social Media Marketing

This is something that comes naturally to today’s generation. But what if you are paid to do the same? Isn’t that amazing? The only thing you need in Social Media Marketing is to be aware and strategically set the posts, campaigns and post it at right schedule to get more reach and to get more engagement. You will also need to learn few tactics along with social media marketing to provide your clients the results. But once you are able to figure that out, SMM is fun and you get well paid for it. The only requirement is your mind should be open to creativity.

  • Online Freelancing

“When you are good at something never do it for free”

There are websites like Fiverr, Upwork to name a few which can help you in setting up you in the Freelance Market. You can provide any service that you are good at, be it Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Coding, Social Media Marketing , Software or Apps Developing etc.

If you are not getting work easily on such platforms, but you still would like to start providing freelancing services then best way is to start networking with your target clients on Social Media, studying thoroughly their business via their business page & websites. Finding out the gaps where you can fill up and then you can mail them the details of in what ways or what services you can provide for growing their business.

But before that make sure you have started engaging with them in direct or indirect form in Social Media platforms and if so then once you mail them just leave a message for them to go through your mail and if you have networked in a right way there are high chances of them going through your mail and considering it.

  • Online coaching

  Online coaching is the easiest way that one can think of to earn online. And it gives you an open platform to teach student from any part of world. Academic teaching of  any subject you are good at, teaching any international language, Preparing students for any competitive exam or maybe teaching any musical instrument, all is possible in Online coaching.

For this also there are lots of online website portal like Vedantu, Byjus, etc. to start with, these are websites where you teach on the same platform, but also there are other websites where you can just enlist your portfolio, CV or Profile and you can get hired for individual student.

  • Webinars

Webinars are cool ways to showcase your expertise in a field. Firstly that helps you in building your email list and secondly it helps you in reflecting back on how strong your profile is, in the domain that you work.

You can initially begin with some demo or complimentary webinar, in which you are giving an overview of the concept or topic you are master in, like what the topic is, how useful it is, why one should have knowledge about it, scopes, application etc. Your first webinar should be well-planned and it should leave some curiosity space for them to attend your next paid web courses or workshops. So you should leave some prints on their mind on what difference the paid sessions will make to their business, career or life.

  • Social Media page

Yes Social Media page, now if you are getting confused that why we have repeated the point, go back to the third point and you will observe that it talks about Social Media Marketing and there is a slight difference in making both the points.

Previously we were talking about social media as a bridge, a medium for the marketing of any service or product.

Here, Social Media Page itself is the product, the service, the message.

So the seventh best money making tool online is making a page on Social Media, building a community of loyal followers, engaging them with your genuine post.

You can create page on anything be it your own cities history, Parenting, Jokes, Political memes just to name a few. So you can pick up any Idea, build a community of like-minded people who would be interested.

  • Consulting

If you are a polymath person with a sound knowledge into various connective subjects or different segments, consulting is for you. As you can help a potential startup, an established business or a reconstructing business in figuring out their problems & bringing solutions for the same.

Also you can add value to their business & taking their business one step ahead.

  • Online workshops

For consulting you need to find specific domain people, understand their needs and then consult. Unlike Online workshops, where you from the ocean of topics, choose few blocks that are common in various segments or if holding a single segment then common problem for all those who are related to the same segment and can take an online workshop on that using any good platform.

  • Online collaborations


Online collaborations could be barter partnership for business of third party or association for working together.

This needs a serious research on what kind of forums, bloggers, Company, Organisation or any NGO you can collaborate and take out work together.

But this is something awesome if done strategically, it may bring the best results, as it is rightly said,” Together we achieve more!”

Would like to hear back from my voracious readers, what are the other best ways to bring business on board via online platforms?


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  1. Nice content and very well explained. Can be eye opener for most of teenagers who spend most of the valuable time online for no good. One small suggestion, extenal links (for example for blogging content, one link to,etc…, or for online tutorials, which can redirect directly to those some popular sites)to the content related can be very helpful.

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  3. Hello dear, I am very glad to read your article. I try to read different types of digital marketing related article always. Today I am surfing to read about how to make money online and I found your one. I got some new idea from your content. I think it will help me a lot. Thank you so much for your awesome article. Keep covering this type of valuable content more.

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