I remember my first meeting with my potential client was messed up because of me going into much detail, lack of confidence, petrifyingly going wrong & many other factors that ended up into me losing the work.

But soon after my 2-3 experience I learned that first client meeting is not that much hard nut to crack if you proceed tactically.

So here are the top 5 secrets to convert successfully, your potential clients and bring that project to your company.

  1. Dig in and know your clients thoroughly

When you are planning to meet your client in person for the very first time, do not forget to do your homework & dug in the industry in which your client work and the company details. It’s necessary to know what the company does, how it does, what is their work philosophy, their past history.

This will help you in setting up your tone & connecting with them in their way making them feel homely. Also you will know the authenticity of your client that is needed before you get trapped into some bad client experience.

Also this will help you in curating the proposal for them easily.

  • Be human & build up the relationship before you go ahead

Don’t get over-professional sounding like an automatic bots, be natural and your demeanor should look professional but not necessarily being into typical professional attires, as collectively a proper grooming and a fitting body language pours to your personality, not just your professional attires.

One can close the deal only and only if you are able to win the trust of your client and by directly getting into the work-word, you are burning yourself as you will look pushy.

So to create a comfort zone for your clients start with a normal conversation with some casual talks, but still keep a distance on going to any kind of personal talks.

Best is to start with weather, city, market, current news (make sure it’s not debatable one, but something interesting. Avoid to talk on political, religious or any controversial news) and then go for the work talk with an ease, once you feel that the client has got comfortable with you.

And also in between you can start with a story about your company, yourself and your few happy clients’ experience. As storytelling is the best way to connect with your client & absorb his complete attention towards you.

  • Know your Clients Requirement

While you start your pitch presentation, your goal is not to let your client know what & how you can help them out, but to figure out what are your client’s requirements. So make sure you ask them and listen to their requirement carefully and then share your part of contribution, that how you can help them in fulfilling their requirements. Make sure to note down important things that your client is mentioning.

  • Mentor your clients

One wins when it’s 80% about direct sales & 20% about providing freebies.

It’s very important that you show your client that you care and are not just there to crack the deal, take up the project & done.

So while you have listened up their story, their goals & what they want from you. If you have any suggestions or advice regarding their project or if you feel that you have a better way to execute what your clients require, do let them know in a poised manner. Also if you have any idea about their industry and the latest updates about their industry that your client is unaware about, you can share the knowledge with them.

  • Wrap up with the next action token

Never hurry away while wrapping up, as this is those critical minutes where your client is making up their mind whether to go with you or not.

So while wrapping up make sure you once summarize the project requirement of your client and try to repeat his words in his own language, which will create an impression that you were attentive to him. So make sure you properly note down his/her words throughout the meeting.

Also never leave the meeting without concluding the next call to action. So in the end conclude the meeting with what’s next and when can you hear back from them or when is the next meeting.

And make sure you take an appointment for the next action and not leave it in uncertainty. As most of clients end up saying,” Let’s see!”

Also after meeting do email your clients about your meeting experience, and summary of the meeting. As this email will be a seed to keep the conversation ongoing and remain in contact with your client till your next call or meeting.

So do share your first client meeting experience with me in comments and let me know if it went wrong or you nailed it and how the whole experience was & what factors were responsible for the deal or no deal.

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