It’s a popular bill gates quote that,” if your business is not on internet, then your business will be out of business.”

But I would rather say: “If your business blog is not on internet along with your company website, then your business website will be out of business”

Just creating a business website and putting it live on internet is not enough, as that can only provide your basic information and contact details to few no. of people. So to create an impact online, you need to make your presence feel in a professionally stupendous way. And that’s why your business website requires your business blog too.

Your business blog is a gateway that allows your prospects to enter into your company, to know your company, to understand your company’s expertise, ethics, culture, values.

Haven’t yet started your company’s blogging section? Then the best time to start is now! Also if you do have blog, but you don’t do regular blog posting then also these 7 reasons will surely motivate you for taking your business blog section seriously.

  1. Building your economical community

Just for example if you are the electrical equipment’s supplier, manufacturer & dealer and provides switchgear, electronic panel board, electrical distribution equipment etc.

So when your prospective clients or customer are searching for the same on internet and just assume that they find two links one is showing him directly the product and it’s direct buy link, and in second link the subject line says that “how this xyz model from Japan is spectacular in his performance.” Which link will he open first? Being in customer shoe, I will go for the second link, as I have decided to buy a product. But at the same time I am directly or indirectly finding more information regarding that, so that I can make my best buy.

This was just an example, but when you regularly post blogs related to your field and relative topics, you build a community. What I call an economical community, as the people who are in search for a trustworthy source for the particular information, you are providing them that.

  • Growth in sales

Your blog section has a convincing ability factor within itself, for selling your product. As your in-depth educational blog articles reflects your proficiency in your field. And rather than making a direct sales- pitch for your product, you can use your blog and introduce your product or service within the flow of article, with a direct link to shopping window or cart.

And as soon as you start regularly updating your blog, by maintaining all the ethical SEO tactics into it. Your website will be the first to provide each information, on each product or service you are into, creating your major limelight space and dominance. Building your audiences trust on you and eventually making them your loyal potential customer.

When you choose to write a blog on a specific product or service rather than directly selling it by just specifying its features, you are trying to bring out in-depth why, what, how about it. That creates its demand where in first place was needed by only them who were aware about that product.

  • Branding

Most of you would have heard about influential marketing, where a company figure out their key influencers and target to promote their product via their channel, be it their blog, social media account or a YouTube channel or their own popular website.

But when you are becoming a veteran of your own field & you thrive to put up all from A to Z about your own field knowledge. You are forming your own rich brand within your blog itself. As all those avid readers and researchers who are finding knowledge well, will fetch knowledge from your business blog which eventually has become a strong hub of knowledge. And your rich content will leave a generous impression on your readers, who would only like to buy products or services from you as you are the king in that domain and a knowledge brand.

  • Cuts marketing cost

In an year, a company invests a massive part of company budget into marketing their company and company commodities. But an established company blog becomes a good platform source of marketing. As you end up building a large community of audience via your blogs.

  • Resource for your social media content

Once in a social media seminar, I learnt the most important aspects of social media marketing and that was:

Your social media should consists of 50% of knowledge sharing, 30% of opinions or your personal insights on news (related to your field) & light entertainment or motivational stuffs & 20% of direct sales.

As all social animals on social media are directly or indirectly trying to connect themselves to something productive. And if you are continuously sharing direct sales post using different-different tactics, you will be backfired by the audience and end up being unfollowed by people.

But you may also feel than how we can create our original post & that too engaging. And there comes company or business blog at your rescue, that catches your audience’s eyes, give you the way to create an engagement & even a buzz on certain topics. Finally growing your active community & making your social accounts more interesting.

  • Shows your expertise

From Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Jeff bullas to Harsh Agarwal, Shraddha Sharma, Ashish Sinha, all had the same weapon that they used as a tool to bring out their expertise and display them to the world and that was blogging.

So blogging portrays your expertise in front of the world & makes you the veteran in your work space, that way building your personal brand.

  • Creates a bond with your clients after sales too

Think of it that two people have a tech company and both sell machinery parts without promising any after services.

But one company is not able to retain their clients and customers and other is not. Why? Because the first company tough doesn’t provide after services, have their company blog. In which there are so many educational blogs on the same machinery part. From where your customer can learn & work on their parts.

So if you want to increase your retention part, still rich quality blogs do wonders in creating a strong bond with your customers.

Now what are you waiting for!

Just go and start your business blog and if you want any help on the topics like theme, blog strategy, social media strategy, content idea you can connect with us at

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