So you are into a venture & now as your hardwork , planning & strategies has paid off. And from very little resource now you have built up your own small empire or maybe being a solo entrepreneur or managers you have found your niche and are going pretty well. It’s time to invest your time into proper management.


Because as your work is growing, your company is growing.

As your company’s work is growing even the manpower required for that is growing.

And as your no. of employee has increased, if you do not work according to certain principle of management, many a times you are just burning yourself and misusing the investment and resources rather than optimizing it.

There are certain “Principles of Management”, According to Henri Fayol that can surely help you in building the strong foundations of successful management.

While each and every principle plays a major role, but would like to High light the five major principles that should be strictly followed at each firm, for the smooth flow of work & fruitful business.

  1. Discipline

Though you have heard this 1000s of times, but how many small-micro-medium companies do follow it? Many a times people ask me should I choose a small scale company over a giant company or MNCs? And the only drawback that comes in back of my mind is the discipline.

 “Your company’s growth level depends on the level of the discipline and the culture that is defined and followed at your firm”

Being the Owner or manager of the company, it’s your duty to set and predefine your work culture and disciplines that will help you in a long run and also your employees.

While I was into a marketing firm, I observed a great culture of morning meetup where within just 10-15 mins they used to do cover some recreational activity, revise the goals and targets and appreciate the person amongst the staff team, who did well or credits them if they have come up with some good idea or has done something out of the box.

This 15mins galvanized there staff to keep up the same spirit and enthusiasm in their work, because they are not doing merry work, but are on a mission.

So the mindset that you deliver to your team makes an impact on the work quality and ultimately helps in growing your business.

  • Unity of  Command

This one according to me is the most important principle that one should bring into action.

“I don’t know, but the manager told me to do it.”

“I was asked to complete this task first before I switch to the task you asked for”

“I wasn’t informed earlier”

“Oh, I am loaded (and you gaze that team member’s face)”

Do you feel connected or have you listened up these statements before from the members that you manage.

That’s because many a times you are unaware of the tasks that your team is handling and you need to fix this by creating a hierarchy of commands and make sure that it is taken seriously no matter how friendly or unfriendly your team members are to each other.

By creating and following such system you won’t face the uncertainty and your office staff and team members can’t escape from their responsibility and will learn how to take charge of their work.

But you need to make sure that the unity of command is taken seriously at your firm and all teams adapt it.

  • Unity of  Direction

This is the next vital aspect that the company should keep in mind. This is the common issues in most of the companies. Unity of direction can be defined as:

One manager -> One Plan -> One goal -> Specific Team & their team members

This ultimately leads to more productivity, less uncertainty, more focus & unity.

It’s totally understood that each firm has different kinds of tasks, operations and projects to handle. Also many a times, it is not preplanned that when some work is in your plate.

But one thing  you should be clear about is that what all kinds of projects, tasks you have and the other works possibilities.

And this you can perfectly have idea about, because you have a set of work domain or field and you are not going to take a work outside that.

For example, I am into marketing then I won’t suddenly face any construction projects.

And I am aware about all the possibilities of  work that I can receive and well informed about the tasks that I have into my hands for now & the near future.

So make sure that you create a specific team & team head for all the tasks, keeping each and every members potential, niche and expertise in mind.

And finally effectively distributing the work load among them, making them aware about the goals that you want to achieve and the plan that you have set up. This way the employees would feel more focused, less pressurized and happy.

Also you should inform each and every team member about the possibilities of work and if you receive the one, then which part of work would be received by which staff member. This way they would be prepared for the workload and won’t feel stressed, that they would have felt if they had received it suddenly in middle of something.

  • Initiative

Most of the company, where I had been for a very short period lacked this and maybe that was the major reason behind my giving up on that companies.

Be it Owner, CEO, Manager or any high authority, you should always welcome the ideas, initiatives that are made by your employees with open arms.

It’s a second thing, that will you consider it or not. But every employee should be encouraged to come to you with their ideas, suggestions, strategy for the company and their product, services. This will give each and every team members the sense of freedom, affinity and quality to come up with some innovative ideas.

  • Esprit de Corps

This is belittled in many of the companies, though this seems trivial to most of the companies to work on building the team spirits but this would eventually be fruitful to your company.

So the manager should be always ready to thrive for building up the team spirits.

Will surely cover in my next article about how to build up a winning team spirits among your team members.

So how many principles of management from this are followed by your company or the company for which you work? And what management things you would like to change at your work place being an employee or manager (if you are the one) that is going totally wrong now? What management complains you have?  

Do let me know in comments.

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