Online business success has become fever pitch for many youths after the rise of digital marketing & most of today’s ambitious entrepreneurial minded youths are looking forward to grab this opportunity and start something of their own.

Starting business with least money was never easy than now, with a great online business idea you can head start with as minimum budget as 10k-1L.

On initial level you just need a great idea, a constructive business model & a small amount to buy your business domain & hosting.

So here are top 5 online business ideas that can help you to take you far from your dreams, making it reality.

  1. Blogging
  2. Video blogging
  3. SAAS Business model
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Consulting
  1. Blogging

Blogging has taken over the internet by more than 6.7 million bloggers blogging on it. From personal blog to business blog , with varying topics ranging from fashion, food, lifestyle to startups, business, entertainment etc. there are so many options to write if you have that knack of writing within you.

With the help of google adsense, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and many other manual sources people are earning on an average $100/ month.

Blogging has become the source of passive income for many writers and also for few professional writers it has become their main source of bread and butter.

Few spectacular bloggers who have nailed it and are making handsome earnings with their successful blogs are Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Jeff Bullas to name a few.

But you need to inculcate few qualities within you before you go for it, and that are Patience, persistence, self-discipline, commitment & last but not the least consistency.

  • Vlogger

Name, Fame, Money= Video Bloggers

That’s the best way a perfect video blogger can be described. (Caption: For successful YouTubers 😛 )

Becoming Video blogger is easy today, with the free tool like YouTube, where you just need to create a channel and can start posting your videos without any hassles, also same videos you can embed on your website.

To make yourself count in, you don’t need to choose something outstanding or any innovative topic, you just can choose a simple topic and methodize it properly that your provided information becomes solution for your viewers, be it life-hacks, work-hacks or motivation.

The best inspiration is how these days ladies have hold the neck of beauty & health. You will get many youtubers on youtube, who has built up thick fan following & followers through showcasing their expertise in their videos. The live example is Nisha Madhulika from , from a homemaker to YouTube superstar, she has got her foothold by her diligence and remaining consistent in posting her easy to make and yummy recipes. Starting as a blogger in 2007, with 2,063,063 subscribers on her YouTube channel now, she has become a familiar face in every house, who loves to cook Indian recipes.

So if you do have skills, that can help to build up someone else’s skillset, solve their problems, make them more productive, or sort out their stuffs, then go ahead and start your YouTube channel.

  • SaaS Business model

After the rise of cloud computing, there are so many cloud providers that add value and ease out many of the working tasks by their SaaS product on internet.

SaaS is software as a service, in which this software is made available to the users through the internet medium. It’s an application, where the customer can work remotely and transform their data with the help of cloud computing on the service provider’s server.

SaaS business model, If can provide a real time solution to any profession or regular corporate companies, then can bring you a win-win situation.

This one though little expensive compare to blogging sites, but is worth an investment, if you have a genuine problem solving idea.

Example of few successful SaaS business are Zendesk, Salesforce etc.

  • Ecommerce

From Amazon to Flipkart, ecommerce has changed the way we do shopping now. Be it a largest online store like amazon or an exclusive site like groffer- well-known for it’s online grocery shopping  and pepperfry –widely known for online furniture shopping, ecommerce has made our life easy and has given us more options under one single online roof.

Now a days consumers prefer more online shopping ranging from electronic goods, attires to accessories, books and especially the ecommerce mobile markets has grown rapidly in India.

Also according to a report, Indian ecommerce market will rise from US $30 billion in 2016 to US $100 till 2020.

So this would be the best time to start an ecommerce site,  alike blogging sites this will just require a domain name & hosting along with a good quality, trustworthy payment gateway.

  • Consulting

Consulting is one of the best booming businesses that we ever know and is growing rapidly. If you got an expertise, skill-sets or deep knowledge around a certain field then definitely consulting business is for you.

There are various fields in consulting, few popularly known field in consulting business are management consulting, HR consulting, Technology consultants, PR consultants, Legal consultants etc.

Also the popular one’s are startup consulting (even busysprinklers can think on this as their next endeavor: D ), social media consulting and digital marketing consulting that are vigorously flourishing these days.

The things that one should keep in mind while starting any of this 5 online business would be that, before starting one should get cleared about what are the pain points that you are working on or solving with your online business, then identifying the right customer segment and remaining clear about the value you add to them.

So if you have got an startup idea while reading this or that you already had in back of your mind, just share your brief ideas in comments and will love to help you further in executing your idea.

Also if you have any questions regarding any online business model feel free to ask into below comment sections.

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