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Top 10 best ways to make money online

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We spend so much of time online scrolling down Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We even don’t realize sometimes that once if we minutely observe our daily routine, from 24 hours, approximately 7-9 hours a day we are sitting without any purpose or forgetting the purpose why you came online a minute before( according to survey on my surrounding people). But rather than fighting with yourself on why am I online posting any random stuff? Or How to get rid away of it? What if you give a new direction to your habits and utilize your same time by strategically spending your period for making money online.

It’s not all about making money but more about utilizing your time in a fruitful way and earn few bucks for the same. If you are a student, or a 9am to 6pm Job employee, making money online can be the additional financial aid for you and if you are dedicatedly working for it and enjoying it at the same time then you can establish a new venture of itself.

So here are the top 10 best ways to make Money Online

  1. Blogging

Blog is a platform that gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, your opinions, your perception, message to numerous audience. But to be a blogger you need that passion to be heard (yes you read that right) and not to write. If you have that passion to make your voice, your message, your opinion to reach some particular audience and make a difference then you don’t need any writing skills, it will automatically come to you.

But does Blogging helps in earning Money Online?

Yes if you take blogging seriously then it has a broader spectrum of not only being a medium of Message but a business hub within itself. But before you ask how to earn? The one thing you blindly need to pursue is creating content and posting it on regular basis. Doing even this much is your first step towards making your blogging site potential for earning.

After this, getting google ad sense: a way to earn by displaying ads on your blog would get easy. As consistently updating your content and sharing it on right platforms can give you a loyal audience and also you can use SEO, SMO, Back linking, guest blogging tactics to grow viewers on your website then eventually you can use Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing for growing your website in monetary form too.

  • Ebook


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Freelancing
  • Online coaching
  • Webinars
  • Social Media page
  • Consulting
  • Online workshops
  • Online collaborations

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